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Sector Expertise

Our industry alignment and investment in knowledge helps our firms' clients tackle their most pressing issues. The industry areas featured on this web site showcase our experience in a variety of sectors in the region :

:: Manufacturing
:: Government
:: Hospitality
:: Food
:: Healthcare
:: Education
:: Services
:: ICT

Infura’s team of technical and business consultants has helped clients in Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the research, technical sourcing and project evaluation procedures. In some cases our financial consultants have also helped clients in securing debt and equity financing for these projects. We have also been involved in advising our clients on transactions in these sectors.

Other services to manufacturing concerns include risk management and compliance services where we have helped clients to establish strong internal control procedural mechanisms to streamline their operations.

Some of the industries we have been engaged in are listed below:

Building Materials
:: PP-R pipe production unit in Bahrain
:: ICF Construction technology in Qatar
:: Hollow Bricks manufacturing unit in Saudi Arabia
:: Steel Rolling Mill in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia
:: Water proofing materials and chemicals production unit in Bahrain
:: Aluminum composite panels production unit in Bahrain

:: Disposable cups and trays production unit in Qatar
:: Plastic cleaning brush range production unit in Qatar
:: Shopper bags and specialized food packaging unit in Qatar and Saudi Arabia

:: Chocolate Factory in Bahrain
:: Aluminum and wrought iron works in Bahrain
:: Furniture factory in Bahrain
:: Bathing systems production unit in Bahrain
:: Fiber glass tanks production facility in Bahrain
:: Master alloys production unit in Bahrain
:: Garment factory in Bahrain
:: Textile factory in Bahrain
:: Aluminum dross recycling plant in Bahrain