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Sector Expertise

Our industry alignment and investment in knowledge helps our firms' clients tackle their most pressing issues. The industry areas featured on this web site showcase our experience in a variety of sectors in the region :

:: Manufacturing
:: Government
:: Hospitality
:: Food
:: Healthcare
:: Education
:: Services
:: ICT

The retail industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the GCC region for the last few years. It is the second largest sector in the oil-rich GCC region. The industry is mostly managed by private entities managing shopping malls, trade stores and stand alone shops catering to the local and expatriate community and tourists. The GCC region is now a mature retail market where you find almost every well known brand from every corner of the World.

Our team of consultants has been working very closely with local companies representing international retail brands. Almost all of our product ranges have been applied in the retail sector.

We helped clients in developing their own brands and franchising models, helping them expand their business. We have also assisted trading houses secure franchises for major fashion brands and resturants in the region.

Real Estate and Construction
The Real Estate & Construction sector has started to show signs of recovery from the lows of 2008-2009. However the growth in this sector is not uniform across the different GCC countries or the various segments.

Infura’s consultants have accumulated extensive experience with real estate developers, small to large scale construction companies, interior designers, consulting offices, property management companies and purpose built properties.

We have assisted individuals and investors in strategic planning of their real estate investments through provision of business development services.

Apart from the above we have also assisted property management companies establish best practice work flows, internal controls and ICT systems. We were also involved in developing strategic plans for real estate developers, managers, cleaning, land scraping and security service companies.

We have also outsourced accountants to some real estate owners to take care of the invoicing, collection and book keeping for their properties. Management reports are presented to the owners on a monthly basis.

Our research team is working on introducing a number of technologies and products in the real estate and construction industry in the GCC region.

Advertisement and Marketing
Infura has offered its services to a number of businesses in this advertising & marketing sector. Some of our projects include:

:: Feasibility study of a printing press in Bahrain
:: Business plan for an advertisement and marketing house in Bahrain
:: GAP analysis for a news paper publisher in Bahrain
:: Feasibility study for establishing a life style magazine in Bahrain
:: Feasibility study for establishing a radio channel in Bahrain
:: Drafting sponsorship proposal for special events
:: Managing ticketing operations for a show in Bahrain